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Wang Xiaofeng Meets with Thai Delegation
第一旅游网      发布时间:2018-01-12      字号:【

On January 8, CNTA Vice Chairman Wang Xiaofeng held a meeting with the visiting Thai delegation headed by Permanent Secretary Pongpanu Svetarundra of Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Beijing. The two sides exchanged views on how to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation.

Wang welcomed the guests on behalf of CNTA and CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao. He then briefed the guests on recent tourism development in China. “Tourism exchange and cooperation between China and Thailand maintains sound growth momentum, and the two-way tourism exchange between us has exceeded 10 million. We appreciate your efforts in regulating the tourism market and protecting the safety of Chinese tourists and are willing to deepen exchange and cooperation and improve the cooperation mechanism, to better protect the legitimate interests of tourists and ensure sound and sustainable bilateral tourism exchange.”

Mr. Pongpanu Svetarundra shared tourism development and work plans in his country and expressed the intent to strengthen communication with China, better the cooperation mechanism, launch joint market regulation and seek for more progress in bilateral tourism cooperation. He also promised to provide more convenience in customs clearance, strengthen tourist policing and create a better environment for Chinese tourists.

Both sides also expressed support for the World Tourism Alliance and encouraged Thai tourism companies and tourism professionals to join it.

Also present at the meeting were representatives of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thai Embassy, CNTA Department of Quality Standardization and Administration and Department of Tourism Promotion and International Liaison, and China National Tourist Office in Bangkok.

来源:CNTAIC 责任编辑:赵斯聪
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